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Efficient DATA cabling

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In order to manage data installations and master their complexity, it is necessary to have high performance cabling which has the capacity to evolve.
With the relevant standards in mind, CABLOFIL® helps design, organise and arrange a variety of cabling systems, whilst also ensuring system safety.


To preserve transmission integrity of a data cable, its sheath needs to be respected as well as the geometry of its section. Similarly, it must only be subjected to limited mechanical stress during installation work.

Cables should be placed in, rather than dragged into, the cable tray. Using dedicated accessories (e.g. FAS-ROLLER combined with CABLOFIL's T-welded safety edge and rounded wires reduces the risk of kinking and tearing.

Whether bundled together or layed flat, the cables should not be tied too tightly, and tools should not be used. CABLOFIL recommends the FASTIE or CABLOGRIP systems.

Due to its natural flexibility, CABLOFIL is able to support the bend radius specified by cable manufacturers. The DEV100, cable exit plate, ensures that the bend radius of the cable is respected.


CABLOFIL's transparency makes it easier to identify, arrange and monitor networks. The available space for adding new cables is easy to see and reach.

The use of identification tags or epoxy coating the trays help to identify cable routes and enables networks to be upgraded more quickly.


CABLOFIL cost effective solutions and quick to install products, can be used in any configuration (false floors, false ceilings and cabinets) and furthermore the adaptability of this open system reduces maintenance costs.