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Finish selection

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Cablofil wire cable tray and accessories are available in a variety of finishes to meet any industry need, from decorative to extreme environments. Use this color code to help you to determine the best finish for your application and its availability.

Symbol Finish Testing Method Application
Continuous Galvanization Before Fabrication
ASTM A 653
Norm NF/A 91-131
Exterior applications:
Industrial plants
Interior applications:
Commercial offices
Computer rooms
Electrozinc plating
ASTM B 633
Norm NF/EN 12-329
Interior applications:
Commercial offices
Computer rooms
Hot Dipped Galvanized:
After Fabrication
ASTM A 123
Norm NF/EN/ISO 14-61
Exterior applications:
Corrosive Environments
Zinc and Aluminum Protection
Equivalent to Hot Dip Galvanization
ASTM F 1136 Exterior applications:
Corrosive Environments
Stainless Steel 304L ASTM A 380
Norm NF 10-088-2
Clean Rooms
Food preparation
Wash down areas
Stainless Steel 316L ASTM A 380
Norm NF 10-088-2
Marine Environments
Oil rigs, Ships, Refineries, Power Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Cement Plants, Pulp and Paper Mills
Black Painted:
Black Powder Coated
ASTM B 633 Exposed interior applications: Retail stores, Hospitals, Control cabling, Data centers
Custom Painted:
Custom Color Powder Coated
ASTM B 633 Exposed interior applications: Schools, Casinos, Data centers, Control cabling, Hospitals


Galvanic corrosion:

The potential differences are expressed in milli-volts. Below the red line, metal considered is attacked.

Corrosion is the result of an electrochemical phenomenon due to the potential difference between different metals, or between a metal and the impurities it contains, when they are in electrical contact. It is necessary to take into account this phenomenon when selecting the supports, fixings and connections. The surface treatment of each component must be compatible:

EZ / PG -- EZ / GS
GC -- GC / DC
304 L -- 316 L
316 L -- 316 L